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how do u know when u are REALLY in love? especially when u are someone who falls easily?...
i mean there was the first guy who won your heart and you could've sworn he was the one, but then you broke up. then there was that one, the one that you knew from the moment you layed eyes on him, he was something special. and then after dating for a while, he broke your heart (only after you left someone just to get back together with him). then shortly after the two of you split and hated each other, he was dating someone else, so you met this guy (that you had sorta been talking to anywayz) and started dating him. now this one was something else. this was the one that you actually day dreamed about and he filled in that spot, you know the one that you never really saw a face in. you saw yourself marrying him and having children together, which is something that had never happened before. but how were you to let him know how you felt, your relationship wasn't that serious yet. then of course he turned out to be a total ass hole and you broke up. so for about the next year or so, you just dated a few guys to make yourself happy and to be with someone. sometime in this year you started hanging out with that ex, you know the special one, and his girlfriend, which you were fine with. you were happy and having a good time with them. then you kinda quit hanging out with him and broke up with that last 'time waster'. well that special one wanted to get back with you, and well you wanted to but were scared to do so. anywayz point of the story you got back together. and now you love him more than anything in the world.
i guess the question i am asking is, how can someone think that they are in love so many different times, but yet every 'love feeling' was totaly different?
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